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Microcontroller Tutorials and Projects

Electronics Educational Practical Engineering Projects (by J. Singh)

DS80C320 Tutorial

Chapter 1

Chapter 2 - Dual Data Pointer

Chapter 3

Chapter 4

Chapter 5 - Secondary Serial Port

Chapter 6 - Timed Access Protection


PIC Microcontroller Tutorial



Digital Thermometer and Clock
    (Version 1.0)

Project Submitted by: Andreas
Email: andreas@splius.lt

This device uses two digital sensors (DS1620 or DS1820), measures the ambient temperature with 0,1 °C (0,2 °F) resolution and displays it on LCD 2x16 (LM016 etc.) screen. It have a clock, which is based on DS1302 timekeeping chip. This chip stores current date and time. The main CPU used in this project is PIC16F877. The additional 8-digit 7 segment LED display can be used. It is based on PIC16F870 micro-controller. RS232C interface is applied to transmit the information from the main CPU to remote LED display.

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PIC 16F877A Tutorial

Project Submitted by: Lukas Hoffmann
Emory University, Neuroscience

Email: roboticsclubatpittsburgh@gmail.com

These tutorials demonstrate how to code simple input & output for your robot using the popular PIC  16F877A microcontroller. They help you get your sensors & motors working. The rest of the code is up to you

The tutorials assume basic knowledge of programming and electronics. If you are new to programming, you should learn the basics of C or C++. You should also know rudimentary electronics, and how to construct simple circuits.

  1. Introduction to the PIC16F877A
  2. How to hook up the PIC so it will run?
  3. What do the pins mean?
  4. How to program the PIC?
  5. Miscellaneous Advice
  6. LED Blinker
  7. Photoresistor Input
  8. Analog Input (Photoresistor, Sonar sensor, IR sensor, …)
  9. Digital Input (Switches)
  10. Output messages to computer screen
  11. Servo Motor Output
  12. DC Motor Output




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