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PCB DIY - Do It Yourself Printed Circuit Boards - Free Plans for School and for Hobbies

Author: Prof. Dr. Marco Gottardo
Email:  ad.noctis@gmail.com

Prof. Dr. Marco Gottardo
In this section of the site are collected in FidoCad projects presented on this site. Each of these is freely available and workable in a home made, however, for those who for technical reasons or for lack of time, are not capable of self produce will be given the possibility of obtaining, if necessary, if possible, assembled and tested . In this case, however, need to repay the cost of materials and shipping. I want to demonstrate clearly that it is not commercial products, as this site has no commercial character.

All projects on display are of a hobby, in some cases nothing more than toys, so do not assume any responsibility for their possible use in different context from the play.

It is expressly forbidden their use in industrial environments. Anyone who makes a different use and fun hobby that he takes direct responsibility.

How to obtain printed circuit boards "home made" d and design of the site.

My work does not provide direct sales of electronic circuit boards or printed circuit boards (PCBs) assembled or not. E ', however, you can obtain the PCB, or in some cases the product assembled and tested for a limited number of copies.

Check availability of the PCB site or by writing to the assembled projects to
ad.noctis@ gmail.com


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