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Learning to drive 2-Q

Author: Prof. Dr. Marco Gottardo
Email:  ad.noctis@gmail.com

Prof. Dr. Marco Gottardo
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Learning to drive 2-Q

Excellent educational exercise. The circuit is an inverter in two quadrants that although a few components introduces a large theoretical explanations. The student will study the principle of operation of the transistor astable multivibrator for generating two symmetrical square wave at 50Hz, and will be forced to perform a calibration period using the oscilloscope. The circuit is designed to be energized with a mini solar panel from which will be transformed into a continuous pseudo-sinusoidal AC at 50 Hz utility Excellent value for money.

Download file FidoCad (8 copies in the base 100x160)

Learning to drive 2-Q PCB Layout

size 37mm x 33mm

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