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Amp up to 60 +60 W Music

Author: Prof. Dr. Marco Gottardo
Email:  ad.noctis@gmail.com

Prof. Dr. Marco Gottardo
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Amp up to 60 +60 W Music

HiFi stereo amplifier that includes a LED VU-Meter 10 +10 and a mixer to 5 stereo inputs calculated for impedance-type "AUX". Logical blocks are segmented and can then host a digital audio channels switch or remote control of volume, tone control three-way balance control and volume switch, which enhances the effect loudnees the extremes of the bandwidth when you listen to low volume. or other devices available on my site. The PCB can accommodate the final TDA2050, 2051.2052 with the respective output power available. The dual power supply section is integrated into the PCB.

download file
FidoCad Full Stereo Amplifier

Amp up to 60 +60 W Music PCB Layout

size 100 mm x 160mm

Check availability of the PCB or by writing for the assembled projects to
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