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The SISO Shift Register Tutorial

SISO Shift Register Block Diagram

The diagram shows four flip-flops connected to form a SERIAL IN, SERIAL OUT shift register. Upon the arrival of a clock pulse, data at the D input of each flip-flop is transferred to its Q output. At the start, the contents of the register can be set to zero by means of the CLEAR line.

If a 1 is applied to the input of the first flip-flop, then upon the arrival of the first clock pulse, this 1 is transferred to the output of flip-flop 1 (input of flip-flop 2).

After four clock pulses this 1 will be at the output of flip-flop 4. In this manner, a four bit number can be stored in the register. After four more clock pulses, this data will be shifted out of the register.

SISO Shift Register Diagram

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