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AT89C2051 Night Light Saver Circuit


The Saver V5.0 runs simple clock emulation program, turns a night light on and off with preset time, say 19:00 to 22:00 everyday. The design features low cost, easy installation, no battery backup and no EMI. The AT89C2051 uses external oscillator generated by Schmitt trigger gate CD4093, ~680kHz. Reference frequency was derived from 50Hz main line. Time setting only allows at 18:00 by pressing time set button once. If main line has failed, functioning LED will blink at high rate . Since there is no battery backup, thus repressing the button is then needed. The output is capable of driving say, a 25W incandescent lamp.

Schematic of the Saver V5.0 Diagram

Click here for more detail & source code

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