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Oscilloscope Display

Take a look at the oscilloscope display. Notice the grid markings on the screen - these markings create the graticule. Each vertical and horizontal line constitutes a major division. The graticule is usually laid out in an 8-by-10 division pattern. Labeling on the oscilloscope controls (such as volts/div and sec/div) always refers to major divisions. The tick marks on the center horizontal and vertical graticule lines (see Figure 1) are called minor divisions.

Many oscilloscopes display on the screen how many volts each vertical division represents and how many seconds each horizontal division represents. Many oscilloscopes also have 0%, 10%, 90%, and 100% markings on the graticule (see below Figure) to help make rise time measurements.

An Oscilloscope Graticule Diagram - Oscilloscope

An Oscilloscope Graticule.

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