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Oscilloscope Measurement Terms

Measurement Terms

The generic term for a pattern that repeats over time is a wave - sound waves, brain waves, ocean waves, and voltage waves are all repeating patterns. An oscilloscope measures voltage waves. One cycle of a wave is the portion of the wave that repeats. A waveform is a graphic representation of a wave. A voltage waveform shows time on the horizontal axis and voltage on the vertical axis.

Waveform shapes tell you a great deal about a signal. Any time you see a change in the height of the waveform, you know the voltage has changed. Any time there is a flat horizontal line, you know that there is no change for that length of time. Straight diagonal lines mean a linear change - rise or fall of voltage at a steady rate. Sharp angles on a waveform mean sudden change. Figure shows below common waveforms and Next figure shows some common sources of waveforms.

Oscilloscope Common Waveforms Diagram

Oscilloscope Common Waveforms

Oscilloscope Sources of Common Waveforms

Oscilloscope Sources of Common Waveforms.

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