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Electronic Components Datasheet

Optoelectronics Datasheets

Amber LED            Amber LED (5mm)

Green LED             Green LED (5mm)

Red LED                Red LED (5mm)

Yellow LED            Yellow LED (5mm)

Red/Green LED      Red/Green Dual Color LED (5mm)

MAN 72/MAN74     Seven Segment LED

DC10EWA             Ten Segment Bar Graph Array

HCPL2601              Optocoupler / Optoisolator

MCA230                 Optocoupler / Optoisolator

MOC3011               Optocoupler / Optoisolator

MOC3031               Optocoupler / Optoisolator

QSC112                 Infrared Phototransistor

TIL111                    Optocoupler / Optoisolator

TSL215                   Integrated Opto-sensor

VT-300                    VT300 Series Photoconductive Cell

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