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1. Leader board (728 x 90 pixels) - It will be displayed at the top of the Pages (on more than 2000 pages). We do not rotate this ad among different advertisers in this position. It is sold on a flat fee monthly basis and not by a Click through count or number of page impressions.

(Also includes your products page on site)

2. Button Ads in Flash - It will be displayed at the top and bottom of the pages (on more than 6000 pages)

(Also includes your products page on site)

3. A simple text link  in bold including your products page on site. (on more than 4000 pages)

See Example - Company Name

4. Placing Banner on Homepage - 728 x 90 (Top)

See Example Below

1 Simple Text  Link (Left or Right Side) per month 200 US$
2 Leaderboard 728 x 90 pixels (Top) per month 520 US$
3 Button Ads (Top & Bottom) per month 320 US$
4 Top Banner on Homepage (728 x 90) per month 70 US$
5 Your other requirement per month Contact us

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