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Space and Solar Definitions - B

Bartel's Rotation Number - The serial number assigned to 27-day rotation periods of solar and geophysical parameters. Rotation 1 in this sequence was assigned arbitrarily by bartel to begin in January 1833

Barycenter - The common center of mass about which two or more bodies revolve.

Beacon - Downlink from a spacecraft that immediately indicates the state of the spacecraft as being one of several possible states by virtue of the presence and/or frequency of the sub carrier.

Bi-phase - A modulation scheme in which data symbols are represented by a shift from one phase to another.

Billion - In the U.S., 109. In other countries using SI, 1012.

BOT - Beginning Of Track, used in DSN operations.

BPS - Bits Per Second, same as Baud rate.

Bright Surge On The Disk (Bsd) - A bright gaseous stream (surge) emanating from the chromospheres.

Bright Surge On The Limb (Bsl) - A large gaseous stream (surge) that moves outward more than 0.15 solar radius above the limb.

BSF - Basics of Space Flight

Burst - A transient enhancement of the solar radio emission, usually associated with an active region or flare.

BVR - DSN Block Five (V) Receiver.

BWG - Beam waveguide 34-m DSS, the DSN's newest DSS design.

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