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Television / Video Circuits

10GHz Video Link:

24 Bit RGB Video Digitizer: designed for use as the front end of a digital video processor

4 Stage 555 Timer for Video Cam Control:

40 MHz Programmable Video Op Amp: National Semiconductor Application Notes,04 Nov1995

8 x 8 Audio Video Switch:

AD724 Evaluation Board: takes RGB in from VGA socket, outputs S-video and composite video, supports PAL and NTSC video formats

Astec Video Modulator Documentation: This is a four page document of1-video modulator module. This document includes full circuit diagram of the video modulator.

Audio / Video Distribution Amplifier: has3 outputs from1-input

Audio Video Switch: This is an 8-input x-output audio/video switch module to be controlled from a computer, for example from the parallel port. Each audio/video output can be switched to any of the 8 inputs, separately.1-module drives1-audio/video output and has a34-pin connector to plug into the system interface. You can use video OPA-s on the4051 output instead. Note that you can get full integrated video multiplexers from Maxim.

Cable Descrambler:

CCD (charge Coupled Device) Support Board:

CCD Video Capture Camera Circuit on Request:

Circuit Adapts Differential Input to Drive Coax: 05/08/97 EDN-Design Ideas / Uses an HFA1100 or HFA1105 to convert a balanced input signal to a single-ended output signal, uses positive feedback to characteristic-impedance matching while increasing the available output swing, as compared with using a simple series termination resistor

Circuit allows accurate sync of multiple CCTV signals: 10/23/97 Electronic Design - Ideas for Design / There are times when CCTV sync signals must maintain temporal fidelity when derived from composite video. One such case involves applications in which several video sources are polled by an instrument which then extracts photometric data from video. . .

Circuit Facilitates Video Fading: 03/15/01 EDN-Design Ideas / PDF contains multiple circuits - scroll to find the one of interest / Turning potentiometer P1 adjusts the image brightness from normal video to a black image. With the P2 potentiometer ganged to P1, the sound also varies accordingly. The objectives in building this circuit are to use inexpensive, readily available components and to obtain operation without a battery.

Closed Caption Decoder: This is a closed-caption decoder with serial output, based on a PIC16C71, an Élantec EL4581C sync separator, and an LM393 dual comparator (for data slicing with automatic threshold).

Color Bar Generator:

Color Video Travels on twisted Pair Cable: 08/17/95 EDN-Design Ideas / This circuit transmits video anywhere phone lines exist. Although the circuit has more electronic components than the traditional single amplifier used to drive a coax cable, you can easily justify the additional electronics required to drive twisted-pair cables.

Commodore 64 Video Modulator 251025 Schematics: takes in S-video format video + mono audio, outputs S-video, composite video and modulated RF signal

Commodore 64 Video Modulator 251696 Schematics:

Commodore RF Modulator:

Connection of the T Volt Set to VG/ SVGto a Card:

Design of Brookdale AT Volt Repeater System Exciter: uses a pair of Hamtronics model TA4512-watt narrow-band FM voice transmitters to develop video and audio carriers on439.250 MHz and443.750 MHz

Digital Sync tip Clamping: 10/08/98 EDN-Design Idea / Digital sync-tip Clamping allows an ac-coupled ADC to digitize analog video without restoring the horizontal Timing. A new approach to video signal conditioning.

Digital Video Processor:

Digital Video TBC / Standards Converter: This project is a Time base corrector/standards converter. There is only a partial project description available.

Digital Volt Meter With Video Output:

Driver for Multiple VGMonitors:

Experimental Macrovision Remover:

Frame Grabber W /  Parallel Port Interface:

Measure Fast Video-Signal Amplitud

Generator Provides 537 NTSC Pattern: 12/03/98 EDN-Design Ideas / Generates some useful NTSC TV picture tube test patterns

Guide to CRT Video Design: National Semiconductor Application Notes,04 Nov1995

High Gain Video Amplifier: This circuit from Maxim application note provides40 dB amplification with10 MHz bandwidth.

IC Forms Differential Line Driver / Receiver: 05/25/95 EDN-Design Ideas / you can use the HFA1212 dual video buffer to implement differential line drivers and receivers with a minimum of external components

IR Controlled a Volt Switch With S Video, Composite Video, & Audio:

KD2BD AT Volt AM Video Modulator: video signal processing circuit that allows adjustment of video gain, video bias, sync and sync level

KD2BD Video Operated Relay : turns on relay if there is video signal present in the input

LH0032 Video Amplifier:

LM1823High Quality T Volt Video I.F. Amplifier and Synchronous Detector for Cable Receivers: National Semiconductor Application Notes,09 Apr1996

LM359N Video Amplifier:

Low Cost Audio Video Modulator & Transmitter: project report in PDF format

Low Cost Audio/video Modulator and Transmitter:

Luminance & Color Difference to Composite Video Conversion Methods:  block diagrams of luminance (Y) and color components (RY, BY) video signal to composite video conversion

Macrovision Code Remover:

Maxim Video Circuits Application Notes:

MC1374 Based T Volt Transmitter:

Microcontroller test Pattern Generator:

Mike Video Digitizer Construction Project:

Mk1 Video Digitizer:  Includes additional background material

NTSC S Video to VGRGB Conversion Circuit: This is a scan converter that converts NTSC signal (TV, VCR, LD or DVD) to VGA signal to output VGA monitor.

NTSC Video Amplifier: splits1-video input to3 outputs

NTSC Video Distribution Amplifier:

NTSClab: The purpose of the lab was to create a circuit which would take an NTSC signal in and display TV on a oscilloscope.

PIC Micro Frame grabber (TDA8708):

PIC Tetris Game:

PIC Tock Video Clock:

Programmable Clock Oscillator: PIC-Tock video clock using a PIC16C61

Receiving Converters 88 108 to Television:

Remote Controlled a Volt Switch

RF Modulator:

RGB Video Digitizer:

S Video Source Selector:

S Video to Composite Video Adapter:

S Video to Composite Video Adapter:

S Video to VGScan Converter:

Simple Circuit Removes Sync: This circuit does analogue video signal preprocessing for A/D conversion. This application note is in PDF format.

Simple Transmitter:

Single Coax Carries Video, Power, & Channel Select Signals:

SVGGenerator: circuit to generate SVGA mode video 640x480..1024x768, based on Altera CPLD, text in German

Sync Separator Includes AGC: 05/11/95 EDN-Design Ideas

T Volt / Radio Antenna Cable Galvanic Isolator:

T Volt Modulator: This circuit uses an MC1373 to form a TV video modulator

T Volt Out Connection With CRT Discharge Protection: how to protect video outputs of sensitive ICs, PDF file

T Volt RGB Signal Output From a SVGgraphics Card:

T Volt RGB Signal Output From a SVGgraphics Card: To achieve a CCInfrared conform TV signal with50 Hz vertical interlaced refresh and15.625 kHz horizontal frequency on most SVGA cards its possible to re-program CRT Timing and generate output signals outside the normal specification range. Then some pretty simple hardware is needed for rest of the signal conversion.

1.5 volt tracking transmitter

T Volt Transmitter: allows you to send video to any television in the house, Poptronix kit circuit

TeleTEXT Devices:

Time / Date / Message Video Overlay Generator!: video text overlay circuit

Trigger Circuit Locks onto one Horizontal Line: 09/02/96 EDN-Design Ideas / Produces an oscilloscope trigger that synchronizes the horizontal sweep to a video signal that allows you to view any horizontal line by adjusting a potentiometer

TV REMOTE JAMMER : Just point this small device at the TV and the remote gets jammed. The circuit is self-explanatory. 555 are wired as an astable multivibrator for a frequency of nearly 38kHz.

TV/Radio Antenna Cable galvanic isolator:

VCG01 PAL / NTSC Video Clock / Message Generator: Video text overlay circuit

VG to PAL & NTSC Converter:

VG to T Volt Converter:

VG to T Volt Information Center:

VGA to RGB + Composite Sync - converter:

VGController for the ALTERUP1 Board: VGA signal generation using FPGA

VGConverter for Video Projectors & Fixed Frequency Monitors:

VGGenerator that Displays An Image in the XS Board RAM on a VGMonitor: example of using Virtex series FPGA to generate VGA signals

VGT Volt Version 2.0: converts RGB from VGA to card to PAL composite video

VHF / UHF T Volt Modulator:  Elektor January1985

VHF Audio Video Transmitter: This circuit is a TV transmitter on VHF band.

Video / Audio Wireless Transmitter: circuit diagram and project description

Video Amplifier:

Video Amplifier: This is an Video amplifier which has been constructed by a single special IC LH0024.

Video Amplifier Circuit From Discrete Transistors:

Video Amplifier With Sync Stripper & PC Restore: This document is an application note of200 MHz video amplifier, sync stripper and DC restorer in PDF format.

Video Amplifiers Make Low Cost Fader: 05/12/94 EDN-Design Ideas /  Bandwidths handle SVGA or Super Mac (up to 70-MHz) video signals without degradation, fading is voltage controlled

Video Circuit Clamps under All Conditions: 4/23/98 EDN-Design Ideas  / Many video-circuit Clamps operate well in the presence of a composite-video signal but cannot achieve a Clamp level with signals other than composite video or in the absence of an input signal. This circuit, developed for the ADC1175 (a popular and inexpensive, high-performance, 8-bit, 20M-sample/sec ADC), provides the normal back-porch Clamp function to the input of the ADC in the presence of a composite-video signal. The circuit further ensures that the voltage presented to the ADC is within its correct operating range in the absence of an input signal and forces any signal other than composite video to be within the ADCs input common-mode range

Video Circuits Collection: Linear Technology Application Note #57 / January1994 /includes Video transmission over UTP

Video Clock Superimposer:

Video detector:

Video Distribution Amplifier: This is a useful circuit for amplifying and distribution of video signals. This circuit takes normal composite video signal and outputs it to up to3-monitors.

Video Effects Unit: unit provides various wipe patterns for use when video dubbing, wipes1-signal to black, it does not provide mixing between two separate input signals

Video emitter uses battery power: 08/30/2001 EDN - Design Ideas / The block diagram in Figure 1 shows how to make a cable-free, direct-video system. The system allows users to walk from booth to booth at an exhibition to interview people and to display the interviews in real time on three screens at key locations. You can use the small and simple system each time you need to capture image and sound on the run. .

Video Equalizer Sharpens VCR Images: 10/08/98 EDN-Design Ideas / Sharpens picture images without introducing the shadows, ringing, and noise often observed with commercial video equalizers

Video Fader:

Video Fader Preserves Synchronization: 07/06/95 EDN-Design Ideas

Video Generators: many test picture generation circuits

Video In: for the XSV Board (Univ. of Queensland)

Video Inverter: This is a simple1-transistor circuit to invert the whole video signal, including sync pulses.

Video Line Selector:

Video Line Sync Trigger Generator: trigger your oscilloscope on specific lines in a video signal

Video Line Trigger Generator:

Video Message & Clock Generator:

Video monitor adapter enhances oscilloscope: 08/18/97 Electronic Design - Ideas for Design / Video signals can be difficult to display on an oscilloscope. Normal trigger circuits in most oscilloscopes have trouble getting a stable trigger from the combined vertical and horizontal sync signals, color burst, and picture signal in a composite. . .

Video multiplexer uses high speed op amps : 08/21/03  EDN-Design Ideas / Video multiplexers route video from several sources to a single channel. Low-end consumer products use CMOS analog switches and multiplexers, such as the 4066 and 4051. Unfortunately, these devices have a series on-resistance that ranges from approximately 100Ω to 1 kΩ, a resistance that is not constant with video level and that appears in series with the signal....

Video Pattern Generator:

Video Routers: VISW 8 x4 Stereo audio/video router

Video Stabiliser :

Video Switch: This article (published in Circuit Cellar Magazine) describes a circuit which switches RGB signals between two genlocked cameras. This project used analogue switched and programmable logic (programmed using VHDL). This article is also available in PDF format and in zipped packet from Circuit Cellar Apr1999.

Video/Audio Wireless Transmitter #1:

Video/Audio Wireless Transmitter #2:

VISW 8 x 4 Stereo Audio/Video Router :

VTG 01 PAL / NTSC Video Title Generator: Overlays text over Video screen, takes input from PC keyboard

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