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Receiver Circuits

$10 Receiver has Microvolt Sensitivity: 08/18/94 EDN-Design Ideas

136 kHz Direct Conversion Receiver:

2 Transistor Audio Amplifier:

30m Direct Conversion Receiver:

4 Band Double Tuned Preselector:

4.5 10Mhz Superheterodyne RCVR:

40 Meter Direct Conversion Receiver:

40m Direct Conversion Receiver:

42 Mc Band to 88 Mc Band (retrofit Converter) Project:

49MHz Walkie Talkie:

50 MHz Assistant:

50 MHz to 146 MHz Converter:

80 Meter CW ARDF Receiver:

80M ARDF Direction Finder:

80m Direct Conversion Receiver #1:

80m Direct Conversion Receiver #2:

Add a signal strength display to an FM receiver IC: 09/05/2002  EDN - Design Ideas / The Philips (www.semiconductors.philips.com) TDA7000 integrates a monaural FM-radio receiver from the antenna connection to the audio output. External components include one tunable LC circuit for the local oscillator, a few capacitors, two resistors, and a potentiometer to control the variable-capacitance-diode tuning..

Aircraft Receiver:

AM BCB Radio Receiver:

AM Broadcast Band Regenerative Receiver:

AM Radio Preamplifier:

AM Receiver for Aircraft Communications:

AM Receiver:

Bipolar Regenerative Receiver:

Build your own Superheterodyne Receiver: 08/01/96 EDN-Design Ideas

Build your own VLF Receiver:

Car Radio tunes the Amateur Bands:

Crystal Radio #2: RF Receivers & Receiver Circuits Crystal Radio

Crystal Radio 3:

Crystal Set that Requires No Antenna:

CW Receiver 40 / 80 Meter CW Receiver:

Economy Short Wave Radio:

Experimental Fiber Optic Receiver:

Four Band Double Tuned Preselector:

General Purpose Infrared Receiver:

Hear Amateurs on your FM Radio!:

HeNe Laser Transmitter / Receiver:

Si477x AM/FM Receivers Tune Silicon Labs into Audiophile Market

High Speed, Low Skew RS 422 Drivers & Receivers Solve Critical System Timing Problems: National Semiconductor Application Notes,05 Oct1998

IC Forms Differential Line Driver / Receiver: 05/25/95 EDN-Design Ideas / you can use the HFA1212 dual video buffer to implement differential line drivers and receivers with a minimum of external components

Induction Receiver: formonitoring audio magnetic fields.

Infra / Radio Remote Control Transmitter / Receiver:

Infrared Receiver for Sony Remotes: receive signals from a standard Sony remote control and send the code bytes(2) received to an RS-232 port, based on PIC16C84

Infrared Receiver: (Amplitude Modulated IR)

Infrared Transmitter and Receiver Schematic Diagrams:

IR Receiver (Amplitude Modulated IR):

KD7LMO Micro Beacon (PIC18F252):

Laser Telephone Receiver Circuit:

LASER Transmitter / Receiver:

Laser Transmitter Schematics:

Light Beam Receiver for Laser Pistols:

Low Power RS232C Driver & Receiver in CMOS: National Semiconductor Application Notes,05 Oct1998

MPF102 FM Receiver:

MPF102 Receiver:

One Transistor Regenerative Receiver:

OpAmp Radio:

OPT201 Laser Receiver:

OPT301 Laser Receiver:

Popcorn Direct Conversion Receiver:

Q  Multiplying Loop Antenna:

RC Receiver hosts two independent Switches: 06/05/96 EDN-Design Ideas

Receiver Building Blocks:

Reflex Receivers:

Regenerative Receivers:

Regenerative Shortwave Receiver:

RF Front End for Triple Conversion GPS Receiver:

RX3302 Receiver Module Schematic:

Several Receiver Circuits:

Simple AM Radio Receiver & Amplifier:

Simple CATV Upstream Fiber Optic Receiver Uses DC Pilot AGC: 01/20/03 Electronic Design - Ideas for Design / Upstream fiber links in a community antenna television (CATV) system are usually among the most difficult elements of the network to align properly. Set-top boxes and cable modems employ "long-loop" automatic gain control (AGC) (in other words,...

Simple Circuit Detects Current Pulses: 01/06/94 EDN-Design Ideas / The pulse detector provides a visible indication of positive and negative current pulses. The pulses amplitudes can vary from20 to150 mA. The pulses durations can range from10 to40 msec, and their repetition rate can span40 to180 pulses/minute.

Simple Superhet Receiver:

Single Chip Builds Tiny Aircraft Receiver: 09/25/97 EDN-Design Ideas

SOP Direct Conversion Receiver:

SOP Receiver:

Stereo IR Audio Receiver:

Super 80 ultra Simple SSB Receiver for 3.5 MHz:

Superregenerative 27MHz Receiver #1:

Superregenerative 27MHz Receiver #2:

Supreg 27Mhz Receiver:

SW Receiver using the ZN415:

Synthesized HF Receiver:

Talking Receiver:

TDA7000 Receiver:

Tesla Power Receiver:

The Amazing All Band Receiver:

The MRX 40 Mini Receiver:

Two Transistor Audio Amplifier:

Ultrasonic Sound Receiver:

Wireless IR headphone Receiver:

ZN414 AM Receiver:

ZN414 Receivers:

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