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Rain Detector Circuits

Rain Detector Circuit

Rain Detector - This rain detector will give you a heads-up the instant it starts to rain, hopefully giving you time to close windows and bring in possessions. The battery-powered circuit draws virtually no current when the sensor is dry and the current consumption is low when the buzzer is activated so a couple of AA cells will last a long time.

Rain Detector Alarm Project - This circuit gives out an alarm when its sensor is wetted by water. A 555 astable multivibrator is used here which gives a tone of about 1kHz upon detecting water. The sensor when wetted by water completes the circuit and makes the 555 oscillate at about 1kHz.

Rain Alarm or Water Detector Circuit with SCR 106CY - Rain detector circuit can be applied to the project or any other hobby, which is so simple principles. When it rains plate (sensor) will receive rain. And a dedicated work has paid to SCR1 and flow control Buzzer noise.

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