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Passive Infrared Circuits

IR Detector:

Gamelan Playtime Circuit - Thought it would be good to post the simple PIR (passive infrared) circuit that I used to create the interactive sensors for the installation.

PIR motion detector circuit - An very simple and high efficiency pir motion detector circuit can be constructed using this diagram. This pir motion detector circuit project use a PIR sensor, operational amplifiers a sound generator circuit and some others common electronic components.

Passive Infrared Motion Detector - This circuit was originally reverse -engineered from a motion detecting yard light that I ripped apart. That's still probably the best way to get the parts at a reasonable price, especially the pyroelectric sensor and the absolutely necessary Fresnel lens. The signal at pin 7 of the 324 is very interesting and fooling with the filtering around the first amplification stage can make it even more so.

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