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Jacob's Ladder Circuits

How to make a Jacob's Ladder - You will need 12K-15K volts AC (50/60) Hz at say 20-30 mA. A neon sign (luminous tube) transformer is the usual source though an oil burner ignition transformer will work in a pinch (some say better and cheaper) or you could build an inverter type power supply.... (circuit design)

Jacobs Ladder (Tony van Roon) - People have long been fascinated by electric arcs--and perhaps put off by them.  They show up as lightning, Tesla coil discharges, and long sparks that sting as you reach for the doorknob on a cold, dry, winter day.  This Jacob's Ladder project turns electric arcs into a dramatic but harmless conversation piece.

Jacob's Ladders (mistertippy) - A Jacob's Ladder does not serve any real purpose other than that it shows the properties of an electric arc, or as a visual display. It is composed of two vertical rails that are close to one another at the bottom and gradually spread out, forming a "V" shaped structure. A sufficient voltage to breakdown the air gap at the base of the "V" is applied to the two rails.

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