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Electronics Schematics - G

Gas and Vapour Detectors Circuits

Breath Alcohol Tester: Controls the car's ignition system 

Gas Sensor - All-in-one (with a sensor and a temperature compensation device)

Flame/Smoke Detector - Flame, gas and smoke detector for fire alarm. You can combine this circuit with alarm circuit. The output will be the relay which switch on and switch off the alarm.

Toxic Gas Detector and Alarm Circuit with TGS813 - The danger always exists, when the fuel gases such as propane or gas are confined to a small area. The alarm of toxic gases figs. 1-45 utilizes a tin-oxide-semiconductor. A coil of thin wire heated by a battery 12 V via IC1 and IC2, which pulses the voltage to the coil of the sensor, saving a significant amount of energy. Diode Zener Dl provides a constant voltage to the filament coil sensor. resistance of the sensor reduces the sensor is exposed to toxic gases such as hydrogen, carbon
carbon monoxide and propane.

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