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Circuit improves on bias for GaAs FETs: 12/06/2001 EDN - Design Ideas / It's important to properly sequence the bias applied to an RF/microwave GaAs FET or a MMIC (monolithic-microwave-IC) amplifier. These devices are extremely sensitive to drain and gate voltage levels as well as to the order in which these biases turn on and off.

Circuit reduces negative voltage stresses on control IC: 04/18/2002  EDN - Design Ideas / In a synchronous, buck switching power supply, the two FETS and the output inductor meet at the phase node (Figure 1). The phase node often connects directly to the control IC. The voltage on this node swings from the input voltage to some voltage lower than ground.

FET Dip Meter: Circuits uses the Lambda Negative Resistance Circuit

FET Preamp Cable:

Forward Converters Drive Power MOSFETs At up to 500kHz: 06/09/94 EDN-Design Ideas

Gate drive method extends supply's input range: 06/26/03  EDN-Design Ideas / Industrial and telecom applications often require a nonisolated, low-voltage supply from a high-voltage input. IC manufacturers have responded to that need with the application of high-voltage processes and offer control ICs that work to 50V and higher.

IC maintains uniform bias for GaAs MESFETs: 08/22/2002  EDN - Design Ideas / The gate-turn-on threshold voltage for GaAs MESFETs (gallium-arsenide metal-semiconductor field-effect transistors) varies considerably from part to part, even within a given lot. That behavior makes biasing difficult, especially if you want to design the device into a high-volume product. To overcome this drawback, you can introduce a current sensor that monitors the bias current and provides ....

Improve FET based gain control: 12/06/2001 EDN - Design Ideas / One problem with standard FET gain-control circuits is increased noise when you use the FET as a part of a resistive attenuator in series with an op amp.

Low Cost MOSFET Quashes Power Resistor: 06/09/94 EDN-Design Ideas

MOSFET Beats Murphy's Law: 12/22/94 EDN-Design Ideas

MOSFET Circuit UPS Regulator's Output Current: 02/01/96 EDN-Design Ideas / Use a current mirror and a power MOSFET to increase the output-current capability of an IC-voltage regulator

MOSFET Current Sensing: Method of mirror current sensing a MOSFET

MOSFET Power Amplifiers: A discussion of the benefits of the lateral MOSFET output devices used in today’s High Power audio amplifiers

MOSFET PowerAmp: DIY high power MOSFET amplifier200 Wrms 8 ohms -350 Wrms4 ohms

MOSFET Replaces Switch #1: 01/20/94 EDN-Design Ideas / By using a cheap, readily available MOSFET, you can use a single-pole switch to turn a bipolar power supply on and off without consuming extra power. In Fig1, the switch simply controls the MOSFET gate, which switches on the negative supply. Resistor R, which can be several megohms, is not necessary if the ±6V rails are permanently connected to a load, such as an op-amp circuit. Because the MOSFETs RDS (ON) is a fraction of an ohm, power loss is minimal, and the circuit suits moderate-consumption, battery-operated circuitry

MOSFET Replaces Switch #2: 02/03/94 EDN-Design Ideas / You can use a single-pole switch to turn a bipolar power supply on and off without consuming extra power

MOSFET serves as ultra fast plate driver: 10/03/2002  EDN - Design Ideas / The circuit in Figure 1 provides a 20-MHz square wave across a set of highly capacitive ion-deflection plates in an experimental instrument. To get the required deflection, the plate voltage must be 20 to 30V, much higher voltage than conventional logic or driver families can provide. To minimize artifacts, the rise and fall times must be very fast, with a minimum of overshoot and ringing..

MOSFET switch provides efficient AC / DC conversion: 02/17/00 EDN-Design Ideas

Simple Circuit Detects Current Pulses: 01/06/94 EDN-Design Ideas / The pulse detector provides a visible indication of positive and negative current pulses. The pulses amplitudes can vary from20 to150 mA. The pulses durations can range from10 to40 msec, and their repetition rate can span40 to180 pulses/minute.

Simple Isolated Supply Design Suits Fixed DC Voltage Systems : 12/23/02 Electronic Design - Ideas for Design /  Most high-voltage systems that include low-voltage ICs must inject isolated supplies into their setups. The design and implementation of these supplies is usually quite involved.

Single FET Controls LED Array: 04/12/01 EDN-Design Ideas / PDF contains multiple circuits - scroll to find this circuit.

Static Electricity / Negative Ion Detector: This circuit relies upon the extra high input impedance of a FET, and also demonstrates the gate terminals sensitivity to changes in voltage.

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