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AM (Amplitude Modulation) Circuits

4 MHz Amplitude Modulated RF Source - A while back I needed an amplitude modulated signal source at 4 MHz. This circuit was literally thrown together with parts laying on the bench. I built it dead bug style on a piece of copper clad board. It should work with little or no modification, other than get it to oscillate, and at higher frequencies, you might have to reduce the capacitor values a little.

40 Meter Direct Conversion Receiver

AM BroADCast Band Regenerative Receiver just two transistors!

AM DSB Transmitter for Hams - circuit diagram of simple double side band suppressed carrier (DSBSC) transmitter for hams. Circuit uses crystal oscillator, crystal can be switched for multi band operation.

AM FM Simultaneous Transmitter Using Digital IC

AM Loop Antennas (Bruce Carter)

AM Modulator

AM Radio PreAmplifier

AM Receiver - This is a compact three transistor, regenerative receiver with fixed feedback. It is similar in principle to the ZN414 radio IC which is now replaced by the MK484. The design is simple and sensitivity and selectivity of the receiver are good. 

AM Receiver for Aircraft Communications

AM to FM converter

AM Transmitter (Andy Collinson) - The circuit is in two halfs, an audio amplifier and an RF oscillator. The oscillator is built around Q1 and associated components. The tank circuit L1 and VC1 is tunable from about 500kHz to 1600KHz.

Am-Receiver for Aircraft Communication 118.250MHz

AM/FM/SW Active Antenna - This circuit shows an active antenna that can be used for AM, FM, and shortwave SW. On  shortwave band this active antenna is comparable to a20 to30 foot wire antenna. This circuit uses receivers that use untuned wire antennas, such as inexpensive units and car radios.

Amplitude Modulation of the AD9850 Direct Digital Synthesizer - AN-423-Analog Device Application Notes

Designing an AM Receiver For Low Power Wireless Systems Using the NEC UPC2768GR IC 7/22/96  - Application Note California Eastern Laboratories Doc #921

General Purpose RF Amplifier

How to Build a 300MHz AM RF Remote Control System

KD2BD ATV AM Video Modulator - video signal processing circuit that allows adjustment of video gain, video bias, sync and sync level (added 6/06)

Limiting Amplifier Forms AM Modulator - EDN-Design Ideas

Micro Power AM BroADCast Transmitter - In this circuit, a 74HC14 hex Schmitt trigger inverter is used as a square wave oscillator to drive a small signal transistor in a Class C amplifier configuration. The oscillator frequency can be either fixed by a crystal or made adjustable (VFO) with a capacitor/resistor combination.

Micropower AM Band radio station

Pi Filter has Sharp Notch - Electronic Design - Simple filter network makes a great low-pass filter having a sharp notch just outside passband. Can be implemented as active filter using GIC circuit. Voted best of issue!

Pi Section Coupler

RF Amplifier for Ferrite Bar Antennas

SAW-based 434MHz transmitter schematic with RO2101

SAW-based transmitter

SAWR-based transmitters

SP-Elektroniikka super regenerative receiver & SAW-based transmitter

Unamplified Four Foot Box Loop

X10 RF daughter board- receiver

ZN414 AM Receiver.

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