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1. <language> Paradox Application Language.

2. For the AVANCE distributed persistent operating system.

["PAL Reference Manual", M. Ahlsen et al, SYSLAB WP-125, Stockholm 1987].

["AVANCE: An Object Management System", A. Bjornerstedt et al, SIGPLAN Notices 23(11):206-221 (OOPSLA '88) (Nov 1988)].

[What is it?]

3. <language> An object-oriented Prolog-like language.

["Inheritance Hierarchy Mechanism in Prolog", K. Akama, Proc Logic Prog '86, LNCS 264, Springer 1986, pp. 12-21].

4. <language> PDP Assembly Language.

5. <language> Pedagogic Algorithmic Language.

6. <hardware, integrated circuit> Programmable Array Logic.

7. <television> phase alternating line.



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