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<company, computer> A maker of arcade games, home video game systems, and home computers, especially during the 1970s and 1980s. Atari are best known for their range of 16- and 32-bit microcomputers, notable for having a built-in MIDI interface. As of February 1994 the range included the Atari 520ST, 1040ST, Mega ST, STe, STacy, Mega STe, TT, and Falcon. There are also emulators for the Apple Macintosh and IBM PC/XT/AT available.


Usenet newsgroups: comp.binaries.atari.st, comp.sys.atari.st.tech, comp.sources.atari.st, comp.sys.atari.st, comp.sys.atari.advocacy, comp.sys.atari.programmer.

Michigan U, UK, Germany [], Netherlands [], UK.



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