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Circuit tests VCOM drivers:  12/24/04 EDN Design Ideas  Flat-panel LCD monitors offer excellent image quality and more compact form factor than CRTs—hence, their steadily increasing popularity. Unfortunately, the complexity of their manufacturing process makes LCD monitors considerably more expensive than CRTs. The amplifier that drives VCOM, the voltage on the backplane of the LCD panel, must be able to drive large capacitive loads, deliver high peak output currents, and maintain a constant output voltage. This Design Idea describes a simple test to measure the usefulness of an amplifier used as a VCOM driver.

Fox-Hound, wire tracer

Quickly find pc-board shorts with low-cost tracer technique:  11/26/04 EDN Design Ideas Online Finding hidden shorts is often time-consuming and frustrating. Typical techniques of cutting traces, lifting pads, and "blowing" shorts are, at best, questionable because they may affect the reliability of the circuit.

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