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Torque Circuits

Circuit resolves 0.1 fF change from 100 pF: 01/06/00 EDN-Design Ideas

Make a simple ramp generator for stepper motors: 04/04/2002  EDN - Design Ideas / Stepper motors are synchronous motors that step at the pulse rate of the driving signal. For the motor to move quickly, the stepping rate must be fast. However, because of motor and load inertia, the motor often cannot go from 0 rpm to the desired number of revolutions per minute in one step. Therefore, most stepper motors receive their drive from a pulse chain that starts out slowly and ... .

Soft start controller is gentle on loads: 11/22/2001 EDN - Design Ideas / The control circuit in Figure 1 senses a given load and automatically soft-starts the load by synchronously adjusting the power to that load. You can also manually adjust the power delivered to the load by controlling the phase angle of the line voltage across the load. The phase-angle adjustment for every ac half cycle covers 0 to 180 . .

Strain Gauge Sensor:

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