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Chip recorder customizes phone ringer: 07/25/2002  EDN - Design Ideas / Companies usually purchase one type of telephone for all employees, which is understandable, especially if they obtain a discount for buying in quantity. One ringer sound for everyone can pose a problem, though, if the sound of a ringing phone makes a dozen people pause and look at their telephones. Equally annoying is the absence of a visual message indicator..

Contactless Ringer for Telephones:

Simple Telephone Ring Tone Generator:

Soft Musical Telephone Ringer:

Telephone Ring Detector:  This is a great project to build with a complete run down of the circuit operation included all parts are listed.

Telephone Ringer : The circuit requires four astable multivibrators for its working. Therefore two556 ICs are used here. The IC556 contains two Timers (similar to555 ICs) in a single package. One can also assemble this circuit using four separate555 ICs. The first multivibrator produces a rectangular waveform with1-second ‘low’ duration and2-second ‘high’ duration. This waveform is used to control the next multivibrator that produces another rectangular waveform.

Telephone Ringer Circuit: Low cost, easy to build Telephone ringer circuit.

Telephone Ringer using 556 Dual Timers: Using modulated rectangular waves of different Time periods, The circuit presented here produces ringing tones similar to those produced by a telephone. FAIR WARNING -- THIS SITE HAS ANNOYING POP UP ADS.

Telephone Ringer using Timer ICs:

Telephone Ringer Using Timer ICs:

Telephone Ringing Circuits: how to detect ringing and how to make phones ring

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