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Salt-Taster: Detects the amount of salt contained in liquid foods.

ICTD Inductive Conductivity Circuit Detail - The Mark III conductivity-temperature-depth (CTD) profiler has been the mainstay of modern physical oceanographic research1. The MKIIIB CTD provides high quality oceanographic data when used by skilled personnel and are frequently re-calibrated. The design objective of the Integrated CTD system was to attain the same high level of performance while reducing the necessity of frequent re-calibration through the enhancement of long term stability.

Electrical diagram of the thermal conductivity sensor - When the gas to be measured is introduced into the sample gas stream, the two Katharometer elements in this gas stream will be cooled to a greater extent than the two elements in the reference gas. The bridge circuit will be unbalanced, producing a signal voltage related to the measure gas content of the sample gas. This relationship is non-linear. As a result, the 542 is calibrated at zero, mid-span, and high span and the software mathematically linearises the curve.

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