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Solar Cell Circuits

12 Volt Toilet Tank Refiller

1381 Solar Engine

AA Battery Solar Charger: This almost trivial circuit may be used to charge a pair of AA or AAA sized cells in the sun. I have used it to keep my Palm Pilot and walkman radio running perpetually. This is an unregulated charger, proper charging is achieved by placing the unit in the sun for a known amount of Time, this Time varies according to the battery type.

AA Battery Solar Charger

Battery Low Voltage Beeper

D1 Solar Engine

FLED Solar Engine

LED Mood Light:

LED7 Solar Tracker:

Light Sensing RF Transmitter:

Low Power LED Volt Meter:

Photovoltaic Transimpedance Amp Is Programmed By Digital Pots: 06/26/00 Electronic Design - Ideas for Design / Millions of photovoltaic detectors are used to sense and measure radiant energy in every type of industrial, medical, consumer, and scientific instrumentation application. By properly selecting materials and structure, solid-state photovoltaics can. . .

PM1 Solar Engine

Portable Solar Battery Charger

Programmable Light Activated Relay

Remote Solar LED Light

RF Transmitter, Light Sensing: 

SCC2 1012 / 24 Volt Solar Charge Controller

Self Powered Solar Box Furnace

Sensor Electronic Tracker With H Bridge Drive

Sensor Electronic Tracker With Simple Solar Charge Controller

Seven Component Regulated LED Lamp

Shunt Battery Charger Provides 1Continuous Current: 11/20/97 EDN Design Ideas / a shunt method is Preferable than series regulation in Solar Powered Systems

Solar Car Array Controller Schematic: 

Solar Car Battery Monitor Schematic: 

Solar Car Brake Controller Schematic: 

Solar Car Display Controller Schematic: 

Solar Car Electrical Design and Circuit index: 

Solar Car Main Controller Schematic: 

Solar Cell Converter offers Positive Start up: 08/15/96 EDN-Design Ideas

Solar Cell NiCd Charger: 

Solar Cells implement Low Cost Illuminator: 09/12/97 EDN-Design Ideas

Solar Charge Controller

Solar Charged LED Flashlight

Solar Charged LED Utility Light

Solar Charger for Lead Acid Batteries: Solar lead acid charger, with battery voltage monitor, for12V battery

Solar Current Meter

Solar Panel Charge Controller / Low Voltage Disconnect Circuit: Lead acid charger, with battery voltage monitor, power comes from solar panels

Solar Panel Charge Controller / Low Voltage Disconnect Circuit

Solar Panel Current Meter

Solar Power Recharge

Solar Power Supply

Solar Powered +5 & +3.3 Power Supply

Solar Powered Dock Lamp Flasher: 

Solar Robots

Solar Step Down Regulator

Solar Tracker

Solar Tracking Control System

SPC2 612 Volt Solar Power Center

Sun Tracking Circuit for Solar Arrrays

Using The LM555 Timer With Photocell Detectors

Variations on the PWM DC Motor Speed Control

Visible Light Photo Detector Circuits (E+F)

Zener Based Solar Engine:

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