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Time Delayed Model Rocket Launch Control - The circuit, which gives a choice of six delay settings, consists of three 555 oscillator/timers (U1 to U3), a pair of transistors (Q1 and Q2), four switches (S1 to S4), a piezoelectric buzzer (BZ1), and a few support components. Power for both the control circuit and the rocket-engine igniter is provided by a 6-V power source that is composed of four AA-cell alkaline batteries.

Homemade multiple model rocket launch system - When Ethan and I were in Adventure Guides we fell in love with model rockets, and for one of our campouts we were in charge of the rocket launch activity. I scored the mother lode of supplies at Tower Hobbies, but we had trouble finding enough launch systems. Without a budget to purchase 8 launch pads I decided to fabricate a multiple rocket launch system myself.

Rocket Launcher Control Circuit - A simple launch controller is really all that most rocket enthusiasts require. However, I wanted to deliver more current, connect to an external power source, and support fancy blinking buttons.

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