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RF - Radio Frequency Amplifier Circuits

1 Watt Universal Class 'C' RF Amplifier

1.5W VHF Amplifier - This project will explain the basic function of a class-C transmitter. I will explain how to dimension a transmitter and the purpose of the different components. I will also explain how you can build a 1.5W PA transmitter. The project will include PCB

100kHz to1GHz RF Power Detector - Linear Technology LTC5507

2W RF Amplifier For 24/23 CM - This page describes TX ATV Transmitter for 23 cm with output adjustable from 100 to 250mW

3 Watt 2.3 GHz RF Amplifier using a MRF2001

300W MOSFET Linear Amplifier for 50 MHz - Application Note Microsemi-formerly Advanced Power Technology APT9802

40 meter SSB QRP transceiver - In 1987 I built this radio. It has been published in a national ham radio magazine, and now finally found its way into the web!

50 Mhz, 250w Amplifier Using Push-Pull Arf448a/B - Application Note Microsemi-formerly Advanced Power Technology APT9702A

500W HF Linear Amplifier: 

500W, Class E 27.12 MHz Amplifier Using A Single Plastic MOSFET - Application Note Microsemi-formerly Advanced Power Technology APT9903

60 Watt RF Amplifier:  Soild state RF power amplifier using IRF840. Simple and easy to construct. IRF840 can handle a maximum power output of 125 Watts.

7MHz SSB Transceiver - Circuit diagram and brief description of 7MHz SSB Transceiver for Hams. The circuit is designed around two numbers of MC1496. It can push around 80 Watts with IRF840 in  final. You can down load HTML version or  printer friendly word document.

807 & 1625 Valves - data on vacuum tubes 807 and 1625 used in ham radio transmitters. Describes various pin voltages and different operation modes.

90 MHz voltage controlled oscillator for FM Band  -  Notice the abundance of 2N4401, 1 k resistors and 330 Ohm resistors? That's because I have a lot of each. 2N4401's weren't intended to be used as varactors, but they work just fine. Don't be afraid to experiment with the parts you have on hand. Build this on a ground plane board. Layout is important

Broadcast-Band RF Amplifier:  Generic VHF Power Amplifier:

RF Sniffer :  Simple Wireless Radio Data Link:

UHF T Volt Preamplifier:

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