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Photoelectric Circuits

741 Based Light Sensor CdS photocell used for light/dark controlled relay

Fairly simple train detector using ambient light and a photocell: Train Detector using ambient light and a photocell

Infrared train detector:

Using a photoelectric sensor to turn on hallway lights: There's a hallway in one part of the house where there are no windows around. That area gets really pitch black at night. The ceiling lights are normally off to save on power. Because I have to use that corridor several times at night I have to switch the lights on.

Photoelectric tracking circuit composed of silicon photocell: Using two silicon photovoltaic cells with similar performance as light receiving device, when incident light flux is the same Vo = 0, agency works with predetermined manner. when the optical system has slight deviation, the received luminous flux of two silicon photovoltaic cells will change, then Vo ≠ 0, after amplified, the differential output signal can drive the implementing agencies (such as micro-motor) to correct the system state, until Vo=0, so as to achieve tracking.

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