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Motion Sensors and Detectors Circuits

Infrared Active Motion Detector: An ambient-light-ignoring infrared active motion detector.

Passive Infrared Piezoelectric Infrared Motion Sensor

Ultrasonic Motion Detector

Ultrasonic Remote Control & Alarm

Infrared motion detector circuit - This is the circuit of an infrared motion detector that can be used to sense intrusions. Infra red rays reflected from a static object will be in one phase, and the rays reflected from a moving object will be in another phase. The circuit uses this principle to sense the motion.

PIR motion detector circuit - An very simple and high efficiency pir motion detector circuit can be constructed using this circuit. This pir motion detector circuit project use a PIR sensor, operational amplifiers a sound generator circuit and some others common electronic components. The op-amp IC1D shapes the frequency response to amplify those frequencies produced when motion is detected and rejects all others, such as those due to noise or slow temperature changes.

Motion detector alarm circuit - This motion detector alarm circuit can detect a moving person from a distance of 1 meter. It uses a Dual IR Transmitter-Receiver module HOA1405. When the sensor detects the reflected IR rays, Alarm will sound for 2 minutes. The circuit can be modified for various applications including AC operated alarm systems.

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