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Morse Code Circuits

2 Way Morse Practice Set: The first step to learning Morse is to be able to memorise the sounds of all letters and numbers. This can be accomplished with the help of Morse practice tapes or classes. Once you know all the characters, the WIA Morse practice broadcasts and/or continuous VHF Morse beacons can be used to increase your receiving speed.

30 Meter QRP Transmitter for Morse Code:

Code Practice Oscillator:

CW Beacon Keyer:

end Morse on your VHF / UHF FM Rig:

Morse Code Beacon Keyer:

Morse Code Practice Keyer #1:

Morse Code Practice Keyer #2:

PIC16F84 Based Morse Code Reader:

RF Actuated CW Monitor:

Smooth Tone Clickless CW SideTone Generator:

Two Way Morse Practice Set: The system consists of a pair of Morse practice oscillators connected by a piece of2-conductor cable

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