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Lie Detector

Lie Detector

Simple Lie Detector

Lie Detector Electronic Kit - The Lie Detector circuit works based on the fact that a person's skin resistance changes when they sweat (sweating because they're lying). Dry skin has a resistance of about 1 million ohms, whereas the resistance of moist skin is reduced by a factor of ten or more.

Make Your Own Lie Detector - Build the Circuit

Lie detector circuit - This is a false capture circuit or Lie detector circuit. The basic principle of the resistance of human skin. While dry skin is a resistance of about 1 Mega ohm but if the skin moisture resistance is reduced. When the body are excited or scared or not sure the skin is moist than usual.

Simple Lie detector electronic circuit - A very simple Lie detector circuit can be build using few common components .The function of this lie detector circuit is based on the variation of the skin resistance that is used to vary the frequency of a tone oscillator.

4 Lie Detector Circuits - This circuit detects the resistance between your fingers to produce an oscillation. The detection-points will detect resistances as high as 300k and as the resistance decreases, the frequency increases. Separate the two touch pads and attach them to the back of each hand. As the subject feels nervous, he will sweat and change the frequency of the circuit.

Lie Detector Circuit Diagram - This circuit is based upon a lie detector. A lie detector works by detecting when the liar sweats. The increase in moisture leads to a decrease in skin resistance. By using a voltage divider to measure the resistance of skin, a lie can be detected.

Lie Detector - The circuit uses skin resistance to detect whether a subject is under stress or not. When a person is under stress (i.e. from lying), there is a noticable change in skin resistance that can be detected. If the person does not care about being found out, and doesn't care that they are lying, it will be difficult to be able to detect the lie.

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