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Electronics Schematics - I

Integrator Circuits

Consider the "Deboo" Single-Supply Integrator:  Maxim Application Note #DI392, July 2002

Consider The Deboo Integrator for Unipolar Noninverting Designs :  03/18/02 Electronic Design - Ideas for Design / The design of a standard inverting integrator is simple when bipolar supplies are available, but it's cumbersome with a unipolar supply. To allow adequate headroom for the output, the circuit must be biased away from ground, often at half the supply.

Filter Design Using Integrator Blocks:  Maxim Application Note727, January2001

Guider camera signal processing and bias voltages:  Each signal processing channel features a well-known dual-slope integrator circuit topology, optimized in this case for fast-settling time.

Integrator Circuit - Theory: 

Op Amp Circuits

Opamp Integrator

Opamp Integrator

Switched-Capacitor Integrator

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