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Ion Generation Circuits

Ion detector schematic circuit - A very simple ion detector circuit can be constructed like in the circuit shown bellow. As you can see in this schematic circuit this electronic ion detector circuit require few common electronic components. This circuit detects static charges and free ions in the air. This ion detector circuit can be used for detecting presence of free ions, static electricity or high voltage leakage. Antenna used in this project is a short whip antenna and the R3 resistor is used to adjust the sensitivity of the circuit.

Negative ion Generator

Negative ion generator

Negative Ion Generator Circuit

Negative oxygen ion generator - This negative oxygen ion generator circuit is composed of full wave dual voltage rectifier circuit, pulse oscillation circuit and negative high voltage generation circuit, it is shown in the figure 9-116. The dual voltage rectifier circuit is made of diodes VD1, VD2, and capacitors C1, C2. The pulse oscillation circuit consists of transistor V, resistor R1, potentiometer RP, capacitor C3, diode VD3 and once winding of boost transformer T. The negative high voltage generation circuit is composed of twice winding of T, high voltage silicon rectifier stack VD4, resistor R2 and capacitor C4.

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