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68HC11 Function Generator:

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Function Generator

Triangle and Square-Wave Generator - At some time, you've probably run into this magical instrument in the lab - the function generator. Just turn the waveform selector knob and a triangle, square or sine wave appears at the output! Turn another knob and the frequency of the signal changes. Now you can feed the square wave into an amplifier you're testing to see how quickly it responds. Is there any over shoot or ringing? Or maybe you're testing an audio amplifier and you feed it a 1 kHz sine wave.

Simple Function Generator - This is a simple function generator circuit that can produce the following waveforms: square wave, triangular wave, and sine wave. The circuit's main components are two 1458 IC's. The 1458 is a dual op-amp IC, i.e., an IC that houses two op amps inside it. The circuit uses four op amps, two from each 1458.

Low Cost Function Generator: This low-cost function generator, based on the Maxim MAX038 high-frequency waveform generator, produces sine, triangle, and square waves from under 1 Hz to over 20 MHz  (See figure Below). The frequency, amplitude, and offset of all output waveforms are adjustable, as is the duty cycle of the square wave. 

Timers generate Variable Sweep Frequencies: 8/1/96  EDN-Design Ideas

Function Generator Circuit - The ICL8038 is a function generator chip, capable of generating triangular, square , sine, pulse and sawtooth waveforms . From these sine, square & triangular wave forms can be made simultaneously. There is an option to control the parameters like frequency, duty cycle and distortion of these functions. This is the best function generator circuit for a beginner to start with and is of course a must on the work bench of an electronics hobbyist. The circuit here is designed to produce waveforms from 20Hz to 20 kHz. The ICL 8038 has to be operated from a dual power supply.

20MHz Function Generator Circuit - A good function generator typically features a diverse and least capable of generating sine, triangle, square, and TTL level waveforms up to and beyond 20MHz. For those of you who want to build a function generator with a low cost and leaves no speed in the process, it is possible that the function generator circuit can be used as a selection and technical reference.

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