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Frequency Doubler Circuits

Frequency Doubler with 4011 - This is a circuit of Frequency Doubler using 4011. This circuit uses one CMOS quad, two input NAND gate package type 4011. This circuit consist of two differentiating networks R1/C1, R2/C2, an inverter IC1B and NAND gate IC1A, IC1D, IC1C and function as input and output buffers.

Frequency Doubler operates on Triangle Waves: 03/14/96 EDN-Design Ideas

Full-Wave Frequency Doublers using Diode and Transformer Circuit Diagram - Signal powered frequency doublers could be built from ordinary fast switching silicon diodes, special fast recovery junction diodes, schottky barrier diodes, varactors and even old-fashioned germanium diodes or vacuum tubes. The herein circuit diagram shows basic full-wave doubler configurations using ordinary transformers.

Frequency doubler with 4069 - This frequency doubler using a single 4069 hex inverter IC, a frequency doubler can be constructed to give an output pulse train whose frequency is twice that of a squarewave input signal. The signal is applied to the input of N1. It should be a squarewave with a duty-cycle of approximately 50% at level compatible with CMOS logic (3-15V peak to peak depending on supply voltage). The input signal is buffered and inverted by N1, and inverted again by N2, so the outputs A and B of N1 and N2 are squarewave signals 180° out of phase.

Frequency Multiplication - FREQUENCY MULTIPLIERS are special class C amplifiers that are biased at 3 to 10 times the normal cutoff bias. They are used to generate a frequency that is a multiple (harmonic) of a lower frequency. Such circuits are called frequency multipliers or harmonic generators.

Compact frequency doubler/multiplier circuitry - The frequency doubling circuit and method provides an output signal with stable frequency and a 50% duty cycle. The frequency of the output signal is two times a frequency of the input signal. The circuit only requires four comparators, eight small capacitors, and some switches and transistors for frequency doubling applications. With the help of feedforward structure, the circuit has an almost-instantaneous response. The performance of the provided frequency doubling circuit and method is independent of the frequency and duty cycle of input signal, power supply voltage, temperature, and process variations.\

Frequency doubler circuit with trimmable current control - A frequency doubler circuit with trimmable current control. In one embodiment, the present invention provides a circuit comprising an oscillator with a current source and a frequency doubler circuit coupled to the current source. In one embodiment, the current source is for generating a reference current. In one embodiment, the frequency doubler circuit is operable to receive a first frequency signal for generating a second frequency signal and also receiving the reference current.

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