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Frequency Divider Circuits

Amplifiers perform precision divide by 2 circuit: 03/06/03  EDN-Design Ideas / The classic implementation of a voltage-halving circuit uses two equal-value resistors. Using 1% resistors provides a divider output with 2% accuracy. For most applications, this performance is cost-effective and more than adequate. However, when you need extreme precision, this approach requires correspondingly accurate resistors and can become expensive...

Divide By 1 1/2 Circuit

Frequency Doubler operates on Triangle Waves: 12/05/96 EDN-Design Ideas

Frequency Divider Circuit - This is a frequency divider circuit, or a circuit whose output frequency is a fraction of the frequency of its input. The main component of this circuit is the 555, a versatile timer IC. In this circuit, it is configured as a monostable multivibrator, i.e., it will output a single pulse at pin 3 every time its pin 2 is 'triggered' by a pulse.

Frequency Divider by one transistor BC549 - This circuit designs to upward for divide by the frequency of a signal input , give down left just the half then to export come to the way output. Because of the transistor Q1 (BC549) bias stay the condition not active it then active get especial while signal input be positive volt only. This circuit modifies from oscillator model colpitts , Tank Circuit that compose L1,C4 and C5 can fine about 16.5 kHz. When get a signal input 30-60kHz the circuit lock and oscillator Generator in 15-30kHz frequency detail other sections , please see in the circuit be lucky yes.

Frequency divider Circuit drawing - Even the variable resistor for TV tuning and the amplifier that monitors TV voice are mounting to the printed board with the circuit where does frequency division. The amplifier that monitors TV voice only uses at the time of tuning adjustment. Therefore, mount does not need to be done to printed board.

Frequency divider with CD4017 - This is an example to divider frequency with CD4017 IC.Swith S1-S10 use to select the divider for divide input frequency from 1-10.

Frequency Divider - This is a classic divider of frequency via two. It is achieved with a classic circuit T-flip Flop, round IC1 [ 4011 ]. In the circuit, the frequency of network, after are limit the negative half-s period of sine wave and transform in square wave, are divided via two. Thus for frequency50 HZ, we will take in the exit pulse of frequency 25 HZ. The supply of circuit it is + 5V and does not need high benefit in current.

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