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50 MHz Frequency Counter, Voltage Meter & SWR / PWR Indicator

Digital Frequency Counter - Digital frequency counter is being used for wide range of applications. Digital frequency counter extensively uses digital circuits and hence fairly good knowledge of digital circuits and of digital integrated circuits is required to understand the operation of the frequency counter. However a person who is not familiar with any electronics circuits and experiments has in written this article.

1Hz to 1MHz Frequency Meter with Digital Display - The circuit was designed to create a low cost frequency meter that will cover the range of 1 Hz to 1 MHz with a digital indication using three 7-segment displays.

Simple Frequency Meter - This circuit is a frequency meter, i.e., it measures the frequency of the input signal in terms of current passing through an ordinary ammeter. The main component of this circuit is the 555, a versatile, general-purpose timer IC. In this circuit, the 555 is configured as a monostable multivibrator that outputs a single pulse at pin 3 every time the input signal at pin 2 goes 'low'.

Frequency Counter and Timer - In counter mode it provides 1Hz resolution up to 100Mhz. In timer mode maximum resolution is 0.0000001 Hz up to 1Hz. Resolution is reduced by one digit for each additional decade. Multiple frequency updates per second by employing a sliding window for calculation.

PIC Frequency Counter with Frequency Lock function - This PIC software combines frequency counter and frequency lock functions. By adding couple of transistors and operation amplifier TL082, it is possible to lock the LC oscillator frequency. Let’s look at the following block diagram. Software functions are presented inside the dashed area.

Computer Controlled Frequency Counter/Logic Probe - This circuit is a stable frequency counter accurate to 5 significant digits. The range is 0 - 30MHz with an input sensitivity of greater then 100mV. The probe connects to the PC serial port. So by using the crystal oscillator already present on your PC serial card and software calibration, the Probes' external circuitry is kept to a minimum. Probe 9 can also be used as a logic probe/analyzer using included software (LPROBE92.EXE).

Digital Frequency Meter 1HZ - 1MHZ - This circuit is a frequency meter, low cost. It covers region 1HZ until 1MHZ. The IC1 Schmitt trigger that it regulates the signal of entry and him changes in reasonable level suitable for the IC2-3-4. With the tenth pulse in the entry of IC2/1, is produced a pulse '' carry '' in the IC3/5. The same moment the IC2 causes the depiction in the DIS1, show [0], the IC3 causes the DIS2, to show [ 1 ].

Exclusive 2.5 GHz Frequency Counter with Blue 2x16 LCD display - This project explain a very powerful frequency counter which has many useful software functions. The software can add or subtract 3 different IF frequencies (±455 kHz ,±10.7 MHz and ±21.4 MHz). You have also two level of resolutions, 1kHz and 100Hz. The main oscillator can be on-board 13MHz or external 10 MHz. The counter data can easy be transmitted to computer with RS232 cable. The construction is extremely simple and the unit is very small.

Minimum Mass Wireless Coupled Frequency Meter - A 0 to 2 MHz ferquency meter with a Minimum Mass Wireless Coupler, based on the ATMega8.Range to the Minimum Mass Base Unit is 10 to 15 cm. Since the frequency meter is battery operated, it can be floated from ground, making life in and around the test bench a lot simpler. No need to connect it to the computer or LCD display - just turn in on and place it next to the base unit.

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