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Field Strength Meters Circuits

Field Strength Meter #1

Field Strength Meter #2

Field Strength Meter - This Field Strength Meter has been specially designed for our FM bugs. It is capable of detecting very low power transmitters and will assist enormously in peaking many of our FM transmitters that have a coil in the output stage that can be adjusted for optimum output.

Simple Field Strength Meter

Field Strength Meter - Here is a handy field strength meter that can be used to check the strength of AM radio signals. The circuit is a very useful for those who assemble radio transmitters especially in the tuning of the final stage for maximum range).

VHF field strength meter - This is a simple and low cost wide band VHF field strength meter. The field strength is measured by converting the radio signal to DC and measuring it. The RF signal will be picked up by the coil and rectified by the diode D1.Even a very small DC voltage is sufficient to alter the biasing of FET and it will be reflected in the meter as an indication of the presence of a radio signal.

Another RF Field Strength Meter - This circuit is another radio frequency (rf) field strength meter, similar with our previous field strength meter circuit, but with lower supply voltage (only a single cell 1.5V battery). Here is the schematic diagram of this rf strength meter circuit:

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