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ECG Monitor using Microcontroller Circuits

PIC microcontroller-based RF wireless ECG monitoring system - This paper presents a radio-telemetry system that provides the possibility of ECG signal transmission from a patient detection circuit via an RF data link. A PC then receives the signal through the National Instrument data acquisition card (NIDAQ). The PC is equipped with software allowing the received ECG signals to be saved, analysed, and sent by email to another part of the world.

Schematic Heart rate (beats) Meter with Microcontroller AT89c51 - The heart rate meter is used to measure the heart beats per minute from finger placing between the sensor. The sensor is made of simple photo resistor and LED. The pulses from the circuit are them amplified and converted into TTL logic pulses using comparator Operational Amplifier.

Heart-rate And Ekg Monitor Using The Msp430fg439 - This application report describes how to build a digital heart-rate monitor using a MSP430FG439 Microcontroller (MCU). The heartbeat rate per minute is displayed on an LCD In addition, the application outputs a digital data stream via an RS232 serial port to allow EKG waveform Display on a PC. PCB Gerber files, schematic, bill of materials, and firmware are provided in a zip file associated with this application report. The entire application runs using a CR2032 3-V lithium battery.

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