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Digital Readout Circuits

7 Segment LED Counter (Aaron Cake) -  This simple counter can be used to count pulses, as the basis for a customer counter (like you see at the doors of some stores), or for anything else that may be counted. The circuit accepts any TTL compatible logic signal, and can be expanded easily (see Notes).....

72 LED Clock -  In the circuit above, 60 individual LEDs are used to indicate the minutes of a clock and 12 LEDs indicate hours. The power supply and time base circuitry is the same as described in the 28 LED clock circuit above. The minutes section of the clock is comprised of eight 74HCT164 shift registers cascaded so that a single bit can be recirculated through the 60 stages i..... [Bill Bowden]

7-Segment Display -  This experiment is more of an introduction to the 4511 decoder/display driver IC than it is a lesson in how to "build up" a digital function from lower-level components. Since 7-segment displays are very common components of digital devices, it is good to be familiar with the "driving" circuits behind them, and the 4511 is a good example of a typical driver IC(circuit add 6/07)

8x8 Animated LED Signboard -  The firmware supplied in  current sourcecode archive is VERY BASIC. I do intend to draw more patterns. However, a vast workload coupled with possible emigration has put  finished firmware on hold. Please do go ahead and build this circuit though  supplied firmware is fully functional. You can have hours of fun designing your own patterns and effects!  Uses  PIC16F84

9 Second Digital Readout Countdown Timer -  This circuit provides a visual 9 second delay using a 7 segment digital readout LED. When the switch is closed, the CD4010 up/down counter is preset to 9 and the 555 timer is disabled with the output held high. When the switch is opened,… [Bill Bowden]

A Novel Process for Vacuum Fluorescent   VF Display Drivers -  National Semiconductor Application Note

Air display -  A Noisemaker without noise.  A simple rotating display. Just spin and enjoy. While the "Air display" is rotating, it writes the message on the air. Because the "persistence of the vision", you will be able to read the message. Circuit, see JP6293E.gif. Download the HEX file, Program the PIC with JP6293E.hex. Algorithm, Build your own Air Display using code.txt

AN-1127: LVDS Display Interface -  National Semiconductor Application Note

AN-1237: Rsds™ Flat Panel Display Design Guidelines Part 2 -  National Semiconductor Application Note

AN-378: A Novel Process for Vacuum Fluorescent   VF Display Drivers -  National Semiconductor Application Note

AN-990: Radiated Emissions & CRT Displays -  National Semiconductor Application Note

Animated LED Signboard PIC16C84

Big 7-Segment LED Display Board with SPI Interface -  The circuit uses a serial-in-parallel out shift register, 74HC595 for receiving serial data from uController board. See example of U5 in  schematic, SER is for data input, SRCLK is shift clock and RCLK is Latch clock. Each data bit is shifted into  register on rising edge of  shift clock. When all data bits are shifted into  8-bit register,  rising edge of RCLK will clock  data to be latched at each output bit, i.e.

Call Sign Annunciator

Circuit Thermally Compensates LCD Contrast Bias -  03/16/95 EDN-Design Ideas..... EDN is migrating links. This link is not verified.  Search the "title" EDN for new link.

Connecting AT90S2313 with LCD Display 2x16 Char & 4x4 Keypad

µP Displays 10 Bit Data on Three LEDs -  11/07/96 EDN-Design Ideas.....circuit in Figure 1 uses a PIC16C55 µP to read 10-bit binary data and directly display  data in decimal format on three common-cathode LED displays. If value of  data exceeds 999,  displays show three hyphens (---) to represent overflow.  PIC16C55 has high drive..... [Design Idea by Yongping Xia, Philips Lighting Electronics, Torrance, CA]
5x7 Display -  Sit back and take a big breath. You are about to take part in one of the best microcomputer (microprocessor) projects you have seen. It uses a PIC16F84 micro and you will be shown how to program the chip to create quite amazing effects. It's a simple project and you will be starting at the beginning of programming, so don't worry if you have never worked with a microprocessor before.
7 by 10 LED Moving Sign 27c512 Eprom -  This sign I designed uses no microprocessor. It has an eprom and multiple counters. As in most electric signs, the LEDs are matrixed, and strobed very quickly

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