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Differential Amplifier Circuits

A Single Amplifier Precision High Voltage Instrument Amp -  DN25  Design Notes (Linear Technology)

AC coupling instrumentation amplifier improves rejection range of differential DC input voltage -  30-Sep-04 Issue of EDN  The need for conditioning low-level ac signals in the presence of both common-mode noise and differential dc voltage prevails in many applications....PDF has several circuits listed, please scroll down to find this one.... [Design Idea by Francis Rodes, Olivier Chevalieras, and Eliane Garnier, ENSEIRB, Talence, France]

-/+-0.1V Differential Amplifier Circuit using Zero Threshold EPAD MOSFETs -  This circuit presents a differential amplifier using Zero Threshold EPAD MOSFETs that oooooperates on 1/- 0.1v supplies.  The schematic diagram is for a single amplifier stage…Circuit Ideas for Designers Application Notes Advanced Linear Devices, Inc.

2 instrumentation amps make accurate voltage-to-current-source -  14-May-09 Issue of EDN  Many designs require precise voltage-controlled current sources, especially in the presence of variable loads. Common approaches, which use a few op amps and a handful of passive components, have inherent errors due to nonideal component characteristics, such as finite open-loop gain, common-mode rejection, bias current, and offset voltage.... [Design Idea by Frank Ciarlone, Analog Devices, Wilmington, MA]

A Fully Differential Input Voltage Amplifier -  National Semiconductor Application Note 

Active-feedback IC serves as current-sensing instrumentation amplifier -  24-Jul-03 Issue of EDN  High-speed current sensing presents a designer with some significant challenges. Most techniques for sensing current involve measuring the differential voltage the current produces as it flows through a sense element, such as a resistor or a Hall-effect device. The differential voltage across the sense element is generally small and is often... [Design Idea by Jonathan Pearson, Analog Devices, Wilmington, MA]

Amplifier and current-source emulate instrumentation amplifier -  13-Nov-03 Issue of EDN  The classic three- or two-op-amp instrumentation-amplifier circuits are standard ways to amplify a small-amplitude differential signal contaminated with high common-mode noise. In some applications, the signal source is floating with high-series-output impedance and thus requires an appropriate high-input-impedance amplifier.... [Design Idea by Dobromir Dobrev, Jet Electronics, Sofia, Bulgaria]

Amplifier removes common-mode noise on RGB differential-video-transmission line -  13-Apr-06 Issue of EDN  Use a single operational amplifier to minimize common-mode signals' effects on differential-component-video receivers.... [Design Idea by Tamara Papalias and Mike Wong, Intersil Corp; Edited by Brad Thompson and Fran Granville]

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