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Data Logging Acquisition Circuits

PC/104-Plus 16-Channel 12-Bit Analog Data Acquisition Module - The SDM7540 turns a desktop PC or PC/104 stack into a high-speed, high-performance data acquisition control system. This 16-channel, 12-bit analog I/O module includes auto-calibration for A/D and D/A with an onboard DSP. The SDM7540 features bus mastering, SyncBus, and McBSP serial port.

A 70-W S-Band Amplifier For MMDS & Wireless Data/Internet Applications 12/11/00  -  Application Note California Eastern Laboratories Doc #932

1-Wire Barometer (David Bray) -  This article describes details for constructing a 1-Wire Barometer which will work on a Dallas Semiconductor Corporation 1-Wire network. The reason for this second version is that the transistor level-changer of the original design was found to be temperature sensitive. If you have constructed the original version.

1-wire barometer (gladstone) -  This is a description and the ongoing story of my project to build a 1-wire barometer based on the MPX4115A.

16-Channel 24-Bit Delta Sigma ADC Provides Small Flexible & Accurate Solutions for Data Acquisition -  DN297  Design Notes (Linear Technology)

12-Bit 8-Channel Data Acquisition System Interfaces to IBM PC Serial Port -  DN35  Design Notes (Linear Technology)

1 Wire Barometer -  By using a dual voltage supply, instrument precision and/or instrument range can be improved without adding significantly to the parts count.… [from A.G. Miller's web site]

A Collection of Differential to Single-Ended Signal Conditioning Circuits for Use with the LTC2400 a 24-Bit No Latency ΔσADC in an SO-8 -  AN78 Linear Technology This application note describes six low power differential-tosingleended signal conditioning circuits for  LTC2400 No Latency ΔΣTM 24-bit ADC. These circuits offer  customer a number of choices for conditioning differential input signals as low as 5mV to as high as ±2.5V, as well as operation on a single 5V or ±5V supplies.

A Two Wire Isolated & Powered 10-Bit Data Acquisition System -  DN19  Design Notes (Linear Technology)

Accelerometer Schematic -  Below is a rough schematic of the layout of the accelerometer PC board looking from the component side. The microcontroller is an Atmel AT89S8252, an 8051 clone. This microcontroller is in-circuit programmable using an SPI interface. The SPI pins are also used to drive the MMC. To permit the dual use there is a jumper block (located below the 74AHC244, marked "P".

Achieve simple IR data transmission from a PC’s serial port -  11-Oct-07 Issue of EDN  By transmitting appropriate hex values from a PC's serial port to a pair of IR LEDs, a remote-control IR receiver can enable 38.4-kHz data transmission..... [Design Idea by Andreas Grün, Wedemark, Germany]

Acquisition system is Programmable on the fly -  12-Oct-95 Issue of EDN  The programmable data-acquisition system in Fig 1 can take 333k samples/sec using a 3-�sec sampling ADC, IC3. Multiplexer IC1 and programmable gain amplifier (PGA] IC2  provide four truly differential channels and four decade gains of 1, 10, 100, and 1000. These features allow the circuit to handle low-signal sensors without additional conditioning circuitry. The circuit does not require..... [Design Idea by Sergey Velichko, SCP, Boise, ID]

Acquisition Times of the ADN2812 -  AN-757 Analog Devices Application Notes.....[App Note]

ADC-to-PC interface Transfers data in nibbles  -  12/09/99 EDN-Design Ideas.....The circuit in Figure 1 uses a Centronics printer port to interface an eight-channel, 8-bit ADC to a PC. The circuit cuts  cost of addressing and decoder circuitry and saves one expansion slot for interfacing. The design uses three of  subport.....PDF has several circuits, please scroll to find this one..... [Design Idea by DS Oberoi, Jammu, India]

Addressable ADC

An Experimenter's 1-Wire Barometer -  This article describes details for constructing a 1-Wire Barometer which will work on a Dallas Semiconductor Corporation 1-Wire network

AN-1041: CHANNEL LINK Moving & Shaping Information in Point-To-Point Applications -  National Semiconductor Application Note

AN-22: Integrated Circuits for Digital Data Transmission -  National Semiconductor Application Note

AN26A-R Interfacing the LTC1090/1/2 -  AN26 Linear Technology A collection of interface applications between various microprocessors/ controllers and  LTC1090 family of data acquisition systems. The note is divided into sections specific to each interface.

AN-281: Data Acquisition using Ins8048 -  National Semiconductor Application Note

AN-282: Fundamentals of Sampled Data Systems -  AN-282 Analog Devices Application Notes.....[App Note]

AN-383: Embedded Shock & Temperature Recorder -  AN-383 Analog Devices Application Notes

AN-413: Evaluation Board for the AD7890, 12-Bit Serial, Data Acquisition System -  AN-413 Analog Devices Application Notes.....[App Note]

AN548: Implementing Table Read & Table Write -  Microchip Application Note Published 26-Aug-97

AN583: Implementation of the Data Encryption Standard using PIC17c42 -  Microchip Application Note Published 22-Nov-99

AN699: Anti-Aliasing, Analog Filters for Data Acquisition Systems -  Microchip Application Note Published 26-Jul-99

AN-757: Acquisition Times of the ADN2812 -  AN-757 Analog Devices Application Notes.....[App Note]

AN782: TC7660 Powers RS-232 Data Loop TC7660, TC7660h, TC7660s -  Microchip Application Note Published 12-Nov-02

AN796: TC7109 Records Remote Data Automatic ally -  Microchip Application Note Published 12-Nov-02

AN-806: Data Transmission Lines & Their Characteristics -  National Semiconductor Application Note

AN-808: Long Transmission Lines & Data Signal Quality -  National Semiconductor Application Note

AN-906: Interfacing the LM12454/8 Data Acquisition System Chips to Microprocessors & MicroControllers -  National Semiconductor Application Note

AN-912: Common Data Transmission Parameters & Their Definitions -  National Semiconductor Application Note

AN-917: Popular Connector Pin Assignments for Data Communication -  National Semiconductor Application Note

AN927: Data Throughput & the MCP215x -  Microchip Application Note Published 1-Jul-04

AN-947: Interfacing the LM12458 Data Acquisition System to the Mc68HC11ax MicroController -  National Semiconductor Application Note

AN-949: Interfacing the LM12454/8 Data Acquisition System Chips to the 80c51 Family of MicroControllers -  National Semiconductor Application Note

AN953: Data Encryption Routines for PIC18 Microcontrollers -  Microchip Application Note Published 14-Jan-05

Analog Datalogger Based on T89C51rd2

Analog Input Section Based on Ad9220

Analog Signal Data Acquisition in Industrial Automation Systems -  Maxim Application Notes / 270 / Apr-04.....[App Note]

Anti-Aliasing, Analog Filters for Data Acquisition Systems -  Microchip Application Note Published 26-Jul-99

Audio Frequency Digital Noise Generator -  When you need to test an audio circuit with broadband noise, this circuit works great. It uses just three inexpensive C-MOS ICs that generate a series of output pulses whose widths vary randomly. I included a level control pot. …. [Designed by David A. Johnson]

Automating ADC Data Collection -  Maxim Application Notes / 929 / Jun-04.....[App Note]

Automotive Electronic Functional Test Using Agilent System Components -  Agilent Application Note

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