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10mhz to 20mhz Laser Light Detector - This circuit was originally designed to detect laser light pulses for an optical Ethernet communications system. It has good ambient light immunity. ….(designed by David A. Johnson)

10W HF Linear Amplifier - (circuit / schematic design)

20MHz VCSEL 3mW Laser Test Circuit - This circuit takes advantage of some new vertical cavity surface emitting lasers (VCSEL) that don’t require light output control circuits. The circuit shows how to drive the device from a single high speed CMOS IC. The circuit can easily be modified to transmit signals from kilohertz to about 50MHz. ….(designed by David A. Johnson)

27MHz toy car receiver - (circuit / schematic design)

300v Peak To Peak Signal Generator - This circuit converts a square wave signal to a +-150 volt output signal with fast 100nS rise and fall times. ….(designed by David A. Johnson)

3W HF QRP Linear Amplifier - (circuit / schematic design)

5 Watt HF CW transmitter - This is a very simple 5 watt CW TX based upon a TTL logic chip. There is just one "tricky" component and this is Cx. This component should have an impedance of about 10 - 50 ohms at the frequency of interest. If you wish to reduce the transmitter power, increase the value of Cx. It is Cx which causes the square wave from the output transistor to approximate a sine waveform. The value of Cx is the price of simplicity in this TX.....(schematic)

500mW HF Linear Amplifier - (circuit / schematic design)

500w HF Linear Amplifier - (circuit / schematic design)

Active Antenna for Am-Fm-Sw - (Tony van Roon's circuit / schematic design)

Active Antenna for HF-VHF-UHF - (Tony van Roon's circuit / schematic design)

Broad Band 2MHz Optical Fiber Receiver - If you need more sensitivity than the above circuit this circuit provides about ten times more gain. It too is designed around an inexpensive plastic optical fiber detector. ….(designed by David A. Johnson)

Broad Band 5mhz Optical Fiber Receiver - This circuit is a simple broad band light detector that uses a very inexpensive IC and a PIN photodiode that is packaged for use with plastic optical fibers. It has a bandwidth from 1KHz to over 5MHz.  It is great for experimenting with various modulated light sources. ….(designed by David A. Johnson)

Build an Adjustable High Frequency Notch Filter - 02/06/03 EDN-Design Ideas: Although you can obtain universal, resistor-programmable switched-capacitor filters that are configurable as notch filters, most cannot operate at bandwidths higher than 100 kHz. Furr,  typically 16to 20-pin packages do not include a continuous-time, antialiasing filter to prevent spurious signals from appearing at  output.....(design ideas)

CMOS Inverter Makes Low Power Amp - With the addition of one resistor and a capacitor, some common logic ICs can be transformed from digital to analog duties.  This circuit outlines some the features to expect from different inverter ICs. ….(designed by David A. Johnson)

Composite Amp Provides High Gain & Bandwidth - 04/28/94 EDN-Design Ideas: The composite circuit in Fig 1 couples the output drive and slew rate of a current-feedback amplifier, IC2, with the low-noise and low-offset characteristics of a voltage-feedback operational amplifier, IC1. The circuit achieves gains as high as 1000, while showing little variation in frequency characteristics with gain. This circuit suits applications..../.....(design idea)

Dip Oscillator for HF - (circuit / schematic design)

FET Input High Speed Light Detector - This circuit is yet another design that converts current from a PIN photo diode to a voltage.   It has a bandwidth that extends beyond 50MHz. ….(designed by David A. Johnson)

Flashing LED Advertising Badge #2 - This circuit is similar to flashing LED advertising badge #1.  .  It uses a CD4013 dual D Flip/Flop IC.  The 74HCT74 IC in #81 does not always work.  As in #81, a single lithium battery will provide months of continuous LED flashing.  It also has a tiny push-button switch to turn on and off the light flashing. ….(designed by David A. Johnson)

High voltage high frequency Amplifier drives piezoelectric PVDF transducer - 07/24/08 EDN-Design Ideas: Finding wide use in nondestructive testing, a high-voltage, high-frequency amplifier drives a piezoelectric PVDF transducer.....(design idea)

How to build Amplifier 2x30W with STK465 - A amplifier of acoustic frequencies can be manufactured with discernible materials, despite is known so much the difficulties of finding of materials, what the problem of regulations. These difficulties are overcome relatively easily if we find amplifier in form completed.....(circuit)

Laser Light Detector, 10mhz to 20mhz - This circuit was originally designed to detect laser light pulses for an optical Ethernet communications system. It has good ambient light immunity. ….(designed by David A. Johnson)

LF to HF Converter (Peter Parker) - This converter allows reception of signals below 500 kHz on a 3.5 – 4 MHz HF receiver.  It should therefore be useful for those with receivers that do not receive the lower frequencies….(electronic schematic / circuit)

Medium Power Wideband Amplifier for MMDS Applications 5/30/98  - Application Note California Eastern Laboratories Doc #911  (app note)

N-CH & P-CH Transistor form Push-Pull Driver - This circuit can produce high speed output signals with fast rise and full times. The unique change pump action allows the voltage of the upper P-ch device to range from millivolts to hundreds of volts. The output current is only limited by the rating of the transistors. I have used this circuit beyond 2MHz. ….(designed by David A. Johnson)

QRP HF Transmitter - (electronic Circuit)

Single-Sideband Demodulator Covers the HF Band - 10/26/00 EDN-Design Ideas: The circuit in Figure 1 complements a previous Design Idea ( SSB modulator covers HF band  EDN , Sept 30, 1999, pg 122). The modulator employs a phasing....(design idea)

Synthesized HF Receiver - (circuit / schematic design)

TBA120 Narrowband FM Receiver - (circuit / schematic design)

Wide Band RF Amplifier for 10MHz-500MHz Input - This paper describes an RF amplifier circuit which is suitable for the frequencies between 10MHz and 500MHz. These kind of amplifiers are called wide band amplifiers.(07/07/07)

Wide Band Zero Cross Detector - This circuit was designed to convert a low amplitude 40KHz signal into a clean square wave signal.  It will work with inputs as small as 5mv peak-to-peak or as large as 3 volts peak to peak.  The input frequency can range from a few kilohertz to about 150KHz. ….(designed by David A. Johnson)

Wideband AGC has 60 DB Dynamic Input Range - 10/10/96 EDN-Design Ideas:    /.....(design idea)

Wideband Low Distortion Techniques Apex-AN17 - Apex App Note

Wideband Low Noise Amplifier Drives 50 Ohm Loads - 10/23/97 EDN-Design Ideas:   /.....(design idea)

Wideband Op Amp Capable of µPower Operation - National Semiconductor Application Note 24-Oct-2001 (app note)

Wideband peak detector operates over wide input frequency range - 11/22/07 EDN-Design Ideas: An ultra fast comparator and associated circuitry enable peak detection over a wide input-frequency and -voltage range.....(design idea)

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