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1 Hz to 100 MHz VFC features 160 dB dynamic range - 09/01/05 EDN-Design Ideas: Transform voltage to current over wide frequency, amplitude.
AN-1244: Photo-Diode Current-To-Voltage Converters - National Semiconductor Application Note  (app note)
Apex-AN13 Voltage to Current Conversion - 2/2007, AN13UREVC : 325 Kb (Apex App Note)
Bipolar current source maintains high output impedance at high frequencies - 12/05/05 EDN-Design Ideas: Use line-receiver/amp ICs to build high-frequency constant-current sources.....(design idea)
Design Formulas Simplify Classic V/I Converter - 01/20/00 EDN-Design Ideas: PDF contains multiple circuits, scroll to find this circuit.....(design idea)
Voltage to Current Converter Makes a Flexible Current Reference - 09/18/03 EDN-Design Ideas: The voltage-to-current converter in Figure 1 can both source and sink current. The circuit is more flexible than some traditional current references that require different topologies for current sourcing and sinking. Also, you can easily adjust the value of the current reference by simply adjusting the circuit's input voltage.....(design idea)
Voltage-To-Current Conversion Amplifier - How to transform the passive voltage-to-current converter into an active one.
Voltage-to-current converter drives white LEDs - 06/27/02 EDN-Design Ideas: You sometimes need to drive a white LED from one 1.5V battery. Unfortunately, the forward voltage of a white LED is 3 to 4V. So, you would need a dc/dc converter to drive the LED from one battery. Using the simple circuit in Figure 1, you can drive one white LED or two series-connected green LEDs, using only a few components.....(design idea)
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