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Converters: RF (Radio Frequency)




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2m-20m Transverter - This little circuit is a transmitting and receiving converter (transverter) that converts a FT290 or similar multimode handheld transceiver to the 14MHz amateur band. The project is a single board module that needs an external local oscillator, for example, the VHF harmonic oscillator (or QRP VHF FM TX) LO for transverter project. It should be a relatively simple matter of scaling coils (electronic circuit)
50 MHz to 146 MHz Converter - (electronic schematic / circuit)
CMOS inverters convert RF to Digital signal - 01/05/06 EDN-Design Ideas: Hex-inverter-based design suits frequencies up to180 MHz.....(design idea)
Low Distortion RF FM Generation & Detection Using Hyper-Abrupt Tuning Diodes - MicroNote 706 from Microsem  (app note)
Receiving Converters 88-108 Mc to AM broADCast band - I designed this circuit.  It can be connected to an FM tuner to play FM stations on an AM radio. (schematic)
RF Frequency Linear Tuning Varactors - MicroNote 705 from Microsem  (app note)
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