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555 Makes Handy Voltage to time Converter - 02/01/01 EDN-Design Ideas: The circuit in Figure 1 is a simple, low-cost voltage-to-time converter using  ubiquitous 555 timer chip. You can use  IC's monostable multivibrator as a voltage-to-time converter by connecting  analog-voltage input to  charging resistor, R, instead of connecting R to VCC. With this modification,.....(design idea)

Circuit Converts Pulse Width to Voltage - 10/25/01 EDN-Design Ideas: The circuit in Figure 1 converts pulse information to a clean dc voltage by the end of a single incoming pulse. In another technique, an RC filter can convert a PWM signal to an averaged dc voltage, but this method is slow in responding. Converting low-duty-cycle pulse information is slower yet.....(design idea)

Pulse Period to Voltage Converter - This is a test circuit converts a square wave input signal into a voltage. But, the voltage produced is proportional to the time between edges (period) of the signal, not the frequency. The range is from 100uS to to 10mS, which produces a voltage from 100mV to 10 volts. Other scale factors are also possible. The circuit is powered from single 15v supply and uses inexpensive parts. It is great when a signal's period instead of its frequency needs to be monitored. Published in Electronic Design, Sept 27, 1990. .(designed by David A. Johnson)

Converter Ignores Power Supply Variations - 01/05/95 EDN-Design Ideas: (design idea)

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