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750 MHz Power Doubler & Push-Pull CATV Hybird Modules Using Gallium Arsenide 3/21/96  - Application Note California Eastern Laboratories Doc #920  (app note)

900MHz Down Converter Consumes Little Power - 06/22/95 EDN-Design Ideas: (design idea)

Charge Pump Doubles Negative Voltage - Maxim Application Note #782 (app note)

Delay Line implements Clock Doubler - 07/18/96 EDN-Design Ideas:.....(design idea)

Diode Frequency Doublers - Ordinary fast switching silicon diodes, special fast recovery junction diodes, schottky barrier diodes, varactors and even old-fashioned germanium diodes or vacuum tubes may be used to construct signal powered frequency doublers.....(electronic circuit)

Dither a Power Converter's Operating Frequency to Reduce Peak Emissions - 10/13/05 EDN-Design Ideas: (design idea)  Add a small circuit to spread the peak RFI energy.

Frequency Doubler Operates on Triangle Waves - 03/14/96 EDN-Design Ideas: (design idea)

Frequency Multiplier Improves Line Readings - 03/26/98 EDN-Design Ideas: (design idea)

Frequency Tripler using the Ca3028 - (electronic circuit)

Gyrator Circuit - The gyrator principle uses the effect that the value of input capacitance at the base of a transistor is effectively multiplied by the current gain of the transistor.

HCMOS Gates Make Frequency Multipliers - (electronic circuit)

Introduction, definition of terms, Q&Asdoub9-2 - Application Note MiniCircuits.com  (app note)

Simple Variable Voltage Source - The high current regulator below uses an additional winding or a separate transformer to supply power for the LM317 regulator so that the pass transistors can operate closer to saturation and improve efficiency. For good efficiency the voltage at the collectors of the two parallel 2N3055 pass transistors

Two Diode Odd-Order Multiplier - It is often necessary to multiply the frequency of low noise oscillators without significantly degrading the phase noise beyond the theoretical 20 log (N). Low noise frequency doublers constructed with Schottky signal diodes are readily available but higher-order multipliers often..

Variable Frequency Oscillator - (electronic circuit)

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