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2 Way Morse Practice Set - (electronic schematic)
30 Meter QRP Transmitter for Morse Code - (Tony van Roon's circuit)
A two-way Morse practice set your own telegraph system - The first step to learning Morse is to be able to memorise the sounds of all letters and numbers. This can be accomplished with the help of Morse practice tapes or classes. Once you know all the characters, the WIA Morse practice broadcasts and/or continuous VHF Morse beacons can be used to increase your receiving speed.....(design)
AVR Beacon Super Keyer - The keyer will send both "Normal" and "DX mode" Feld-Hell, at the standard 122.5 bits/second, as well as half-speed, quarter-speed and eigth-speed. The slower speeds are less affected by multi-path, and are also less affected by noise. Slow speeds are no problem for beacon use, since little data is involved...(electronic circuit)
Morse Adaptor for your VHF/UHF FM rig Ideal for QSOs or practice - (electronic schematic / circuit)
Morse Beacon - The beacon powers up in one of two states, depending on whether it detects a serial lead on its serial port connection. If a serial lead is detected then programming is permitted using a one way connection at 600 baud, 8 data bits, no parity and one stop bit (this rather archaic choice of baud rate being entirely down to the speed of the PICís EEPROM!)
Morse Code Beacon Keyer
Morse Code Display
Morse Code Practice Keyer (Tony van Roon)
Morse Code Practice Keyer 2 - (Tony van Roon's design )
Morse Code Tutor - A program (23kb) written in C++. Morse code uses dot and dash for communication. Still it is popularly used for communication is short wave bands. The Archive contains program source code and executable.
Morse Monitor
Morse Paddle Keyer
Simple Morse Practice Oscillator Circuit - This will be my next homebrew project, a morse practice oscillator circuit. 9W2AZV and I are going to build this as we are preparing ourselves to perfect our Morse code sending/receiving skills. In the spirit of amateur radio/ham, we will homebrew
Smooth Tone Clickless CW SideTone Generator - This circuit is about as good as it gets for generating morse code tones. It may be used as a code practice oscillator, a tone generator for a keyer, a sidetone oscillator for a CW transmitter or an audio Modulated CW (MCW) generator for an FM transmitter or repeater....(electronic design)
Touch CPO - touch operated code practice oscillator using popular timer IC555. Practice Morse code in a different way.
Two Way Morse Practice Set - (electronic schematic)
Two-way Morse practice set your own telegraph system
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