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µP Interface for a Free-Running A/D Allows Asynchronous Reads - National Semiconductor Application Note  (app note)

12 Bit ADC Upgrades µC's Internal 8 Bit ADC - Maxim Application Notes / 119 / Mar-03  (app note)

12 Bit Converter Upgrades µC's  - 07/07/94 EDN-Design Ideas: /  simple circuit in Fig 1 and an accompanying software routine let you easily substitute a multichannel 12-bit ADC for  8-bit ADC internal to  87C752 µC. A single assembly can n implement both low and high-performance version of a system.....(design idea)

12 Bit Sampling A/ D Converter Conserves Power - Maxim Application Notes / 43 / Apr-03  (app note)

12-Bit 3msps Sar ADC Solves Pipeline Problems - DN192  Design Notes (Linear Technology) (app note)

12-Bit ADC with Sequencer Simplifies Multiple-Input Applications - DN274  Design Notes (Linear Technology) (app note)

16 Bit ADC Provides 19 Bit Resolution - 02/21/02 EDN-Design Ideas: Many data-acquisition systems require both high accuracy and a fast acquisition rate. se attributes allow  system to detect small data signals and to group more sensor channels into  same system. With more channels,  system can be smaller, less expensive, and less power-consuming. Long-distance optical communications and medical equipment.....(design idea)

16-Bit 333ksps ADC Achieves 90db Sinad,100db Thd & No Missing Codes - DN177  Design Notes (Linear Technology) (app note)

16-Bit ADC Simplifies Current Measurements - DN341  Design Notes (Linear Technology) (app note)

16-Channel 24-Bit Delta Sigma ADC Provides Small Flexible & Accurate Solutions for Data Acquisition - DN297  Design Notes (Linear Technology) (app note)

16mw Serial/Parallel 14-Bit ADC Samples at 200ksps - DN180  Design Notes (Linear Technology) (app note)

18 Bit ADC uses PC's Serial Port - 09/27/01 EDN-Design Ideas: A PC usually requires a plug-in ADC card to process analog signals. However, with  circuitry in Figure 1, a PC can communicate with an 18-bit ADC through its serial port.  port provides both positive and negative power supplies as well as control.....(design idea)

1-and 2-Channel No Latency Delta Sigma™ 24-Bit ADCs Easily Digitize a Variety of Sensors Part 2 - DN237  Design Notes (Linear Technology) (app note)

1-and 2-Channel No Latency Deltasigma™ 24-Bit ADCs Easily Digitize a Variety of Sensors Part 1 - DN236  Design Notes (Linear Technology) (app note)

2 Channel ADC Tags Its Own Output - 04/28/94 EDN-Design Ideas: (design idea)

2.x GHz WiMAX Direct Conversion Transmitter - AN-826 Analog Devices Application Notes  (app note)

20-Bit 1 PPM Linear Slope-Integrating A/D Converter - National Semiconductor Application Note  (app note)

24-Bit ADC Measures from DC to Daylight - DN219  Design Notes (Linear Technology) (app note)

250ksps 16-Bit Micropower ADC offers an Excellent Combination of Size Power & Speed - DN294  Design Notes (Linear Technology) (app note)

3-Phase Power Meter Based on the ADE7752 - AN-641 Analog Devices Application Notes  (app note)

4 Bit µP's A/D Converter Decodes Keypad's Inputs - 10/13/94 EDN-Design Ideas: Fig 1 shows a Mitsubishi M50927-XXXSP/FP 4-bit microcontroller decoding a 4×4 keypad using only four digital I/O lines instead of eight. Saving four of a 4-bit µC's precious I/O lines couild be significant.  4-bit µC's ADC provides  key to  savings.  µC's output lines, F1 through F4, energize  keypad's column lines one at a time via 74HC4049 buffer/driver.....(design idea)

8-bit Parallel Port Analog to Digital Converter - Cheap Temperature Sensing with 0.5°C Precision, No Microcontroller Needed!

50 Hz/60Hz Rejection on Sigma-Delta ADCs - AN-611 Analog Devices Application Notes  (app note) Rejection of 50 Hz and 60 Hz interference is a requirement in many industrial settings. This Application Note outlines how  AD7708/AD7718,AD7709,AD7719, AD7782/AD7783 Sigma-Delta ADCs are used for optimal rejection of se frequencies.

500kHz 6a Monolithic Boost Converter LT1370 - DN183  Design Notes (Linear Technology) (app note)

555 Timer as an A/D Converter - Measure voltages accurately with a microcontroller using this simple circuit. Includes sample program for  Parallax Basic Stamp

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